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Candidates Forum @ Senior Center 806 Mass Ave – Tuesday 10/22 at 6:00PM


Award Winning Filmmaking Scientist Neighbor Local Business Owner Software Designer Traveler Teacher

Nadeem Mazen is a local business owner, educator, and innovator. After moving to Cambridge for undergraduate and graduate work at MIT, Nadeem fell in love with the city and opened two small businesses in Central Square. Both provide community access to cutting-edge technology, services, and job training.

Nadeem also holds a faculty position at the School of the Museum of Fine Arts, where he teaches entrepreneurship and small business practices to emerging artists.

Nadeem's unique set of collaborative and creative problem-solving skills stem from his leadership background in business, art, and technology. He will use this experience to energize City Hall and make municipal politics more accessible.

Top Priorities Read more

  • Increasing affordable and middle income housing to make our city livable for all: Cambridge lacks a coherent city-wide plan and the current City Council emphasis on luxury towers ignores Cambridge's many housing problems.
  • Preserving the character of our squares and neighborhoods:They shouldn’t feel like outdoor shopping malls or cookie-cutter development projects.
  • Connecting our K-12 students with local talent and mentorship: while School Committee goes to work on the school day, City Council must improve professional development opportunities and hands-on educational programming outside of the classroom.
  • Stopping the 'brain drain' of talented Cantabrigians: We can improve local nightlife, promote arts and culture spaces like The Foundry, and increase art-tech employment opportunities in the city.

A New Type of Candidate: Term-Limits Nadeem believes in a new kind of public service. Of course there are benefits to being in office for years (or, like some councillors: decades). But Nadeem believes there's risks that come along too. And there's an even greater community benefit to self-imposed term limits; by keeping the length of service more focused, we can all make sure to cycle fresh voices, creative problem-solving, and energetic service into city government. Nadeem pledges to work hard as a public servant for 4-6 years and then step down to continue his (current work) in education and community organizing in Cambridge. Read more...

It's a natural part of politics that long-time candidates consolidate authority in ways that can be opaque and self-serving; often a longer term also means a failure to work the same 12- or 16- hour days expected of a new candidate. A longer term may also mean a lapse in representation: right now in 2013 who is organizing, representing, and problem-solving in and with our neighborhoods? Nadeem recognizes that to see housing justice in Cambridge, to see improved educational outcomes in Cambridge, and to see a resurgence in civic participation in Cambridge we must work for generational change on a 20-year timescale. Short terms foster generational change by allowing the greatest number of elected representatives and associated community participants to feel included in the same long-term vision. And with self-imposed term-limits, principled candidates and public servants are more available to the community after their term of service, for the important non-government work necessary to achieve this generational, 20-year change in a broad-based and community-oriented way.

Byte-Sized Politics It shouldn’t take hours of meetings and heavy reading to get up to speed on Cambridge politics, especially when these meetings determine the future of our neighborhoods. I am passionate about using technology, brief video updates, and other engaging media to make pertinent issues more accessible to the public, increasing civic participation in the process. Read more...

Few who are not directly involved in the inner workings of municipal government have a true understanding of the system, and the barriers to entry, whether by accident or by design, are just too high for the public to get involved. This is why Nadeem has worked to design a series of quick and easy to understand videos (see our blog section!, which make municipal politics accessible. Nadeem believes through media and innovative design strategies we can increase voter turnout as well as civic engagement long after the 2013 municipal election.

Affordable and Middle Income Housing One of Cambridge’s great strengths is its diversity. The city is home to young families, long-time residents, working-class professionals, artists, and entrepreneurs who depend on affordable and middle-income housing. If we do not address the middle-income housing crisis, the diversity and the fundamental character of the city will be lost. As your City Councillor, Nadeem will fight to preserve and improve affordable and middle-income living in Cambridge. Read more...

Cambridge is in the midst of a housing crisis. Young families, long-time residents, artists, and entrepreneurs can't afford to rent, let alone buy in Cambridge. Nadeem proposes a set of development priorities and principles that incentivize the construction of affordable and middle income housing, increase linkage fees charged to bio lab and other big developments, and protect the diversity of Cambridge for generations to come. Read more...

Education through Innovation Nadeem believes city councillors must take a leadership role in fostering a culture of educational excellence that goes beyond classroom practice. He is committed to leveraging business and educational communities present all over the city to create experiential learning and professional development opportunities for students in Cambridge. Read more...

While the city council doesn't directly run our schools, it has the ability to foster programs which can drastically improve the quality of education. It should be a top priority of the community to invest in both mentorship and early education programs. A new 151 million dollar budget has the ability to fund our schools, yet it can't increase the enthusiasm or engagement of our students. Cambridge is home to some of the most innovative and intelligent working professionals in the world. It is our responsibility to to use this resource to help our young people identify their passions and go into the workforce knowledgeable, excited, and engaged.


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