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Nadeem Mazen is an engineer, social entrepreneur, activist, and community organizer. A leader in social justice movements across New England and a strong voice for progressive idealism, Nadeem is not a career politician. He is an educator and social justice advocate who believes that elected officials should act as public servants, first and foremost—and was the principle driving his two terms as a city councilor.

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the 3rd congressional district of Massachusetts

  • Acton
  • Andover
  • Ashburnham
  • Ashby
  • Ayer
  • Berlin
  • Bolton
  • Boxborough
  • Carlisle
  • Chelmsford
  • Clinton
  • Concord
  • Dracut
  • Dunstable
  • Fitchburg
  • Gardner
  • Groton
  • Harvard
  • Haverhill
  • Hudson
  • Lancaster
  • Lawrence
  • Littleton
  • Lowell
  • Lunenburg
  • Marlborough
  • Maynard
  • Methuen Town
  • Pepperell
  • Shirley
  • Stow
  • Sudbury
  • Townsend
  • Tyngsborough
  • Westford
  • Westminster
  • Winchendon


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a strong voice for progressive idealism

Nadeem believes in coalition building - that together, we can do what seems impossible. His policy reflects this approach, what we can achieve at the local level makes nationwide change possible.


    ► Planning for Our Future

    Nadeem has been a staunch progressive, supporting policies and legislation that grow the economy from the bottom up, promote job training in a rapidly changing economy, and stand up for vulnerable communities and individuals at this critical time. He has not just been an advocate for these and other issues, he has been an effective legislator and policy strategist. Below you can find Nadeem’s personal take on a variety of issues that he holds dear.


    ► Support Workers, Revitalize Our Economy

    Nadeem has a strong track record when it comes to supporting workers—including recently securing $30M to create job training space, job training programs, and economic advancement for diverse neighborhoods.


    Job Training In A Rapidly Changing Economy

    New research shows that over the next 20 years, half of jobs in the district may be impacted by automation  - and for those directly affected, wages could decrease by over 40%. At the same time, companies here in the district are hungry for talent—and job openings include good sales and project management opportunities, in addition to steadily growing tech openings. Job training is a must.  To prepare residents from all backgrounds for these opportunities, we must secure greater government funding for training programs. Government also must provide tax credits or other incentives for companies that demonstrate a training-hiring pipeline that lifts up low-income residents.

    Nadeem believes that in the near future there must be a tax on the type of automation that will replace jobs and enrich shareholders, but will not benefit workers nor consumers. Without an Automation Tax, we will slow down our economy and balloon our deficit, just as we have every time the top % 1 accumulates wealth at the expense of middle and working class wages. An automation tax revenue stream could be used to grow our economy by expanding training and reducing tax rates for workers.

    America is about giving every family a fighting chance. Yet today, minimum-wage workers cannot afford to even rent a two-bedroom apartment anywhere in America, let alone in Massachusetts where costs are increasing rapidly. Minimum-wage workers who put in a long work-week deserve a shot at the American Dream—and over a quarter of minimum wage workers are parents, struggling to give their children a shot at the American Dream, too. Nadeem fought for a $15/hour minimum wage as a City Councilor, and he will take that fight to Washington. Stand with Nadeem for a $15/hour federal minimum wage: when we support minimum-wage workers, their spending grows the economy for all of us.


    Supporting American Workers

    The proportion of union membership has declined by over 50% in the last 30 years. When we make it a point to support workers’ right to organize, unions go on to protect workers’ rights across many industries, standing for fair pay, pay equity, and non-discrimination. Some of America’s largest corporations are charged with breaking labor laws and systematically dismantling worker-protection efforts. Nadeem supports workers’ right to organize and legislation like H.R.3467 (anti-wage theft), H.R.2275 (protecting workers rights to organize), and H.R.5000 (Employee Free Choice Act).


    ► A Tax Code That Supports You

    Today’s tax code is a mess. Filing should not be as complex as it is and tax rates are upside down. High-earners pay comparatively less payroll tax, revenue which would otherwise be put towards bolstering Medicare and Social Security and supporting your retirement. Corporations and the top 1% of wealthy Americans pay less and less tax, with each passing election—and many top earners in Massachusetts join us in calling for a return to fair taxes and shared economic growth. This is revenue that should be going to give tax credits back to the working and middle class as well as to small businesses and new entrepreneurs in order to stimulate the economy. Nadeem believes in tax reform that is in almost every way the opposite of Trump’s recent proposals.


    ► Infrastructure and Investment

    Transit Infrastructure and Transit EquityTransportation is second largest personal expense, on average, behind housing. Automobiles can cost over $5000 per year—and much of that is simply fuel costs. Affordable mass transit is not just useful, it’s necessary for many living in the district. Transit is how we connect our communities to the opportunities they need to thrive, and investing in infrastructure is and will continue to be a priority for Nadeem.North-South Rail Link proponents like Nadeem remind us that with 1 mile of tunnel, we can connect an enormous regional economy and unlock considerable economic potential. Lowell and Haverhill lines would benefit substantially from the project. The project is so revolutionary that in many ways, Lowell would be better connected to Boston than Belmont.


    ► Protecting the Internet, Expanding Access

    Net Neutrality

    Some telecoms and tech corporations are attacking your access to the internet, seeking to create an internet “fast-lane” that they control. Their ads, their news, and their products will get to you faster, cutting out any competition. With Trump in the White House and and his friend from Verizon now leading the Federal Communications Commission, anti-net neutrality advocates are closer than ever. Nadeem has been a leader in the net neutrality movement alongside countless small businesses and pro Net Neutrality corporations. He has spent years advocating at the federal level and will work to keep the internet free..

    Access for All

    Internet access is a flat-out necessity for students and trainees, job-seekers, entrepreneurs, and businesses of all sizes. In an America that holds up everyone’s shot at economic opportunity, internet access has to be a human right. Nadeem has witnessed telecoms offer discounted internet access to low-income families, only to make the program nearly impossible to enroll in—the free market isn’t going to solve this problem. Nadeem believes government has to step up by offering internet access tax credits for working families and especially for low-income families.

    Finally Investing In Infrastructure

    Compared to other top economies, the US is known for lagging behind with unusually low internet speed, high internet cost, and slow fiber infrastructure build-out A recent report even showed that some telecoms save their infrastructure build-out—and therefore faster speeds at competitive prices—only for high-earning neighborhoods. Nadeem believes in a carrot-and-stick approach to telecoms—these corporations must be penalized if they continue to lag behind in fiber investment and supported when they work to catch America up.


    ► Standing Up For Women’s Rights

    Women Should Be In Control Of Their Healthcare Decisions

    A woman’s right to choose is a human right and a constitutional guarantee, period. Women must also have access to reproductive health care, including birth control. Nadeem believes that federal funding, without government interference, must provide real access for women to health centers and organizations that provide safe abortions.

    Achieving Pay Equity In Our Lifetime

    The US Government is responsible for ensuring pay equity, but has not tightened up corporate disclosures and oversight necessary to get there—with recent reports finding that equal pay will not be achieved at this rate until 2119. Nadeem is committed to getting America back on track and supports legislation like the Fair Pay Act. When we achieve pay equity, we are not just achieving the most basic standards of fairness for half of Americans, we are also supporting economic security for families.

    End Violence Against Women

    It is unacceptable that America is one of only six UN members, and the only democracy, to not ratify the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women. Americamust do better to support survivors of sexual assault and domestic assault, deter offenders, and bring offenders to justice.  We must eliminate statutes of limitations on reporting sexual assault and better fund the services available to survivors.


    ► LGBTQ Rights

    Equal Rights

    Same-sex couples should have the same marriage and adoption rights as any other group. Everyone has a right to gender identity - trans and nonbinary Americans should be able to use whichever bathroom they’d like without fear, and should have access to housing, jobs, and healthcare without discrimination.

    Preventative Care and Sexual Health

    Healthcare in the LGBT community is important, and Nadeem supports ensuring that pre-exposure prophylaxis, commonly known as PrEP, be completely covered by all insurance providers, and that those without insurance have access to the drug at a substantially lower cost than it is currently sold.

    Common Sense Legislation

    Nadeem supports the Employer Non Discrimination Act (ENDA) and believes LGBTQ youth should be protected under the Runaway and Homeless Youth Act (RHYA)


    ► Veterans

    Helping Veterans Succeed in Business

    Nadeem has twice been contracted by the Federal Government to increase access for veterans, women, and minorities to contracting and grant opportunities that support small businesses. These programs are a great start, but Nadeem wants to see greater public awareness and government engagement of veterans for these programs.

    Ending Veteran Homelessness

    Housing and Urban Development’s emphasis on “housing first” policies is one aspect of a multi-part, inter-agency commitment to ending veteran homelessness. Yet, HUD’s investment in housing-first overall, and veteran housing in particular, is insufficient. The parts of the plan related to improving access to transitional housing and engaging private landlords in the provision of transitional housing lag behind our potential, due to poor funding and poor leadership in the Trump administration.

    Standing Up for Veterans’ Healthcare

    Those returning from service suffer from the physical, mental, and psychological ailments associated with post-concussive trauma and the general experience of military service. Nadeem supports veterans’ access to mental health and counseling as well as comprehensive healthcare.


    ► Medicare for All

    Healthcare Is A Human Right

    Almost 30 Million people are uninsured in America. Ailments, accidents, and illnesses are always a trial, but they should not be a burden that cripples families financially. Medical debt is three times as large as credit card debt and student loan debt, combined. Nadeem believes in Medicare for All—expanding a working system to cover all Americans.

    Transparent Pricing, Efficient Planning

    Our current inefficient and opaque system costs Americans billions. Service providers charge wildly different costs for the same services based on the insurance agency footing the bill, and give the uninsured the worst deal of all. Opponents of Medicare for All neglect to mention that the uninsured cost American taxpayers a great deal of money over time. Despite the rising costs of healthcare and the immense cost of Medicare for All, the moral and financial costs of doing nothing—or worse, following Trump into ACA repeal—are even greater.


    ► Fighting For Environmental Protections

    As a City Councilor, Nadeem saw that by building coalitions around visionary planning, communities can bring their ideals to life. Nadeem wholeheartedly supports the Congressional Progressive Caucus and their People’s Budget, a first step towards progressive planning around many of the same values that we cherish—the same values under fire during the Trump Administration.